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WIDI Recognition System performs recognition of music audio files and allows saving the results as MIDI files. It performs Wave to MIDI, MP3 to MIDI and CD to MIDI conversion. WIDI is able to recognize polyphonic music. With WIDI you can: WIDI Recognition System is able to perform realtime recognition. Realtime recognition is a process performed in real-time, without noticeable delay. WIDI "listens" to the sound incoming from Wave In device (it may be, say, microphone or line input with some musical instrument plugged in) and detects notes it "hears". Detected notes can be either recorded or played in real time, or both. Thus, you can change instrument in real-time, for example play the guitar and get a piano sound. As MIDI files take little space you can store hundred hours of melodies without the necessity to clean up your disk. Record your improvisations, radio or anything.

How to perform MP3 to MIDI Conversion?

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